For Women in Science L’Oréal Foundation announces the names of this year’s 20 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellows

Since 2007, L‘Oréal Foundation, in partnership with the French Science Academy and the French National UNESCO Commission, has been committed to highlight those women who are currently excelling, confronting prejudice and inspiring vocations in the young women of tomorrow, through the L‘Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science French Fellowships program.  

The 2015 jury, presided over by Professor Meunier, the President of the French Science Academy, selected 20 talented female researchers from over 800 candidates. All of them have high-quality and innovative scientific projects, all show excellence in their academic research and a desire to share their passion.

This year, it is with great pleasure that we announce to you, the names of the 10 doctorate and 10 post-doctorate researchers working in the life sciences, materials sciences, engineering and technology, who had been revealed yesterday at the Hotel de Ville de Paris.

Understanding our world to anticipate the future

Anaïs Orsi, PhD (In the heart of the Antarctic) – Isabelle Kyoko Vin, PhD (3D imaging to save the injured) – Lydie Dussol (Understanding the links between the Mayans and their environment, a key to the future?) – Marie-Béatrice Forel, PhD (How to adapt to and survive massive extinction?) – Laura Bernard (Solving the equation of the universe)

Neurosciences: towards a better understanding of how the system functions and malfunctions

Maude Beaudoin-Gobert (Unlocking the mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease) – Kiri Couchman, PhD (The brain: the key for interacting with our environment) – Angie Molina Delgado, PhD (Healing spinal cord injuries) – Florie Reynaud (Stopping neuronal loss) – Anahí Mollá-Herman, PhD (The DNA guardians)

Biotechnologies: towards solutions that revolutionise health

Anne-Caroline Chany, PhD (The sea sponge: a new weapon against cancer) – Marine Bézagu (Voyage to the centre of blood vessels) – Laura Magro (A bioanalysis laboratory… in paper!) – Julie Lafaurie-Janvore, PhD (Arteries are given a face lift)

Prevent the development of the epidemics of today and of the future

Orianne Dumas, PhD (Asthma: cleaning up cleaning products) – Maria Razzauti, PhD (From animal to man: viruses in their element) – Caroline Midonet (Cholera: the fight against the emergence of new strains)

How can we reinvent the world? The materials and energies of the future

Laura Corman (Atoms guided by light) – Mikaela Iacobelli (Unlimited energy production) – Pauline Butaud (Shape memory polymers enter vehicles)

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