Men for Women in Science

Through our Men for Women in Science initiative, we have forged links with 60 leading men scientists worldwide, asking them to sign a Charter of Commitments to support women as they progress in their careers.


Creating a coalition of men scientists

To truly create gender equality in science and enable women scientists to fulfil their potential, we must transform the system from within. That’s why, in 2018, on the 20th anniversary of our For Women in Science program, we set out to establish a strong coalition of male allies to support this endeavor. Through our Men for Women in Science initiative, we have forged links with 60 leading men scientists worldwide, asking them to sign a Charter of Commitments to support women as they progress in their careers.

By signing the Charter and becoming our partner, these committed leaders are pledging to take concrete, measurable action to drive change in their organisations, helping to overturn gender stereotypes and prevent unconscious bias. This could be in the form of expanding access to endowments, improving an institution’s recruitment policies or ensuring equal opportunities for promotion and recognition. Similarly, they commit to increase women’s representation in publications or help create a supportive organisational culture by providing mentoring.


Because science and society need to mobilize all intelligences and all eyes.

Pr François Taddei

Accelerating gender equality in science

To help encourage progress and collaboration, in France, we meet three times a year with our coalition to discuss important themes including balancing work with parental responsibilities, fighting sexism and sexual harassment, and eliminating the risk of gendered science.

We prepare detailed recommendations to help scientific stakeholders take action, including measures to re-imagine the organisation of work, guidelines for senior managers and opportunities to connect with like-minded organisations or launch fundamental services. We publish a report every two years to share our collective efforts to achieve gender balance in science and monitor progress.

By leveraging the support of the scientific community and taking an inclusive approach to empowering women scientists, we are determined to see women advance in their careers at the same speed as men. Above all, we and our allies are committed to harnessing the potential of women for the benefit of all.



Two men in a laboratory