International Rising Talents

The International Rising Talents program rewards the 15 most promising young women scientists across all the countries where our Young Talents program is active.

Jeunes Talents Internationaux FWIS

Highlighting promising scientific talents

Each year, our International Rising Talents program awards 15 outstanding young researchers, chosen from among our national and regional Young Talents programs, with an additional endowment of €15,000.

Excelling in varied and important disciplines, these young women represent the future of science. We believe that recognising their excellence and giving them an international visibility will help to raise their profile within the scientific community and ensure that they reach their full potential.

15 international outstanding young researchers.

International Rising Talents 2020

  • Cristina Romera CASTILLO
    Post-doctorate at the Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography at Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC (Spain).


    Project title: New ways of biodegradation of marine plastic: light and microbes.

    Assistant Professor at School of Earth and Space Exploration laboratory of Arizona State University (United States).

    Biological Sciences.

    Project title: Hidden depths: uncovering new genetic potential in single-cells recovered from miles beneath the Earth's surface.

  • Georgina Rumbidzai NYAWO
    Researcher at the Clinical Mycobacteriology & Epidemiology (CLIME) of Stellenbosch University (South Africa).

    Biological Sciences.

    Project title: The microbiome, transcriptome, and inferred functional metagenome in tuberculosis.



  • Huanqian LOH
    Principal investigator of Single Molecule Lab at the Centre for Quantum Technologies of the National University of (Singapore).


    Project title: Reconfigurable Tweezer Arrays of Ultracold Molecules for Quantum Simulation of Advanced Materials.

  • Jennifer GARDEN
    Doctor at the Material Engineering of University of Edinburgh (United-Kingdom).


    Project title: Sustainable Replacements for Conventional Polymers. 

  • Laura Joy BOULOS
    Assistant Professor at the Saint-Joseph University (Lebanon).


    Project title: The brain in a post-war context: from neuroscience to artificial intelligence.

  • Mikyung SHIN
    Professor at the Nature-inspired Biomaterial Engineering Laboratory of Nature-inspired Biomaterial Engineering Laboratory of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), (South Korea).


    Project title: Development of nature-inspired adhesive micro-formulations for 3D/4D bioprinting.

  • Nouf MAHMOUD
    Researcher at Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology lab-Faculty of Pharmacy-Al-Zaytoonah University of (Jordan).


    Project title: Novel nano-dressing material for wound healing: A golden hope for diabetic patients. 

  • Nowsheen GOONOO
    Doctor in Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology Unit, Centre for Biomedical and Biomaterials Research at University of (Mauritius).

    Materials Science.

    Project title: Assessment of the in vivo (mice model) performance of electro-spun PHBV copolymer or PHBV-natural polymer blends for skin tissue Engineering and bone tissue Engineering. 


  • Olena VANEEVA
    Doctor at the department of Mathematical Physics, Institute of Mathematics of NAS of (Ukraine).


    Project title: Equivalence groupoids in symmetry classifications of differential equations.


  • Patricia MEDEIROS
    Professor at the Laboratory of Biocultural Ecology Conservation and Evolution of Universidade Federal de Alagoas (Brazil).

    Biological Sciences. 

    Project title: Unconventional food plants: theoretical challenges for biocultural conservation.


    Reseacher in Quatum materials lab at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).


    Project title: Quantum Criticality and optimization of Material Engineering properties in quasi 1D compounds. 

  • Rui BAI
    Researcher in Structural laboratory of Westlake University (China).

    Biological Sciences.

    Project title: Structures of the fully-assembled spliceosome reveal the molecular mechanism of RNA splicing. 

  • Serap ERKEK
    Researcher in Epigenomics Cancer at Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (Turkey).

    Biological Sciences.

    Project title: Identification of the molecular mechanisms linked with the function of epigenetic factors frequently mutated in bladder cancer.

  • Vida ENGMANN
    Doctor at SDU NanoSYD at the Mads Clausen Institute, Sønderborg at the University of Southern (Denmark)

    Material Engineering.

    Project title: Mechanical stabilization of organic solar cells.



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