Beauty For a Better Life How troubled young people find their way in hairdressing

Excitement is tangible at St. Joseph vocational college in Blanquefort, in the Médoc region. The year old Youth Training (NVQ) class of hairdressing just came to terms with its first year and is ready to head for Paris to compete at the annual competition organized by L'Oréal.

All fifteen students, who worked on the theme of music, are expected to present their hairstyle ideas at the prestigious Academy of the Rue Royale. Those young people, brought up surrounded by social and family fragility, always more or less tempted to drop out of school, have stars in their eyes. This hairstyle NVQ launched by the Auteuil Apprentices in partnership with the L'Oréal Foundation, two years after that of Thiais in Val de Marne, puts them back on the tracks, with the prospect of exercising a creative profession.

The path isn't always an easy one. "It's more difficult for them than others and they tend to solely focus on the immediate result" comments Nathalie Fouert-Pouret, Hairdressing teacher who trains them 18 hours per week. To gain their attention, the teacher works with 45-minute sequences instead of 55 minutes and often swaps from theory to practice. L'Oréal's application salon empowers this versatility. It is equipped with 16 styling stations and 5 shampoo trays but also worktables and a video screen. "When they face a problem, I move on or I make them work in pairs." At Christmas, Nathalie Fouert-Pouret invited the students’ families as well as facility staff to have their hair done.This was a new and exciting customer experience for all students. It was reiterated in the spring, this time on coloring. Young people tend to take-up such a challenge when they feel trusted.

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