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The L’Oréal Foundation supports philanthropic beauty projects led by not-for-profit organisations through the medium of its Beauty For a Better Life call for projects.

The L’Oréal Foundation supports philanthropic beauty projects led by not-for-profit organisations through the medium of its Beauty For a Better Life call for projects.

The Beauty For a Better Life call for projects is designed to help associations working in the medical or social field to develop philanthropic beauty projects.

The L’Oréal Foundation is steadfast in its belief that beauty and wellness have a beneficial part to play in supporting vulnerable individuals and so in 2018, it is stepping up its commitment.

Ten years after the “Première Chance Prize” was created in partnership with CODES, the new Beauty For a Better Life call for projects is open to hairdressing, make-up, wellness and image coaching projects that are aimed at people coping with physical, psychological, or social difficulties.

So this year, 340,000 euros will be awarded to the successful organisations in France and abroad, in the form of donations ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 euros. Organisations will also receive a year’s worth of free personalised coaching from experts including CODES, to help them set up or develop their project.


Eligibility criteria for the French call for projects

- Be an organisation which is entitled to receive charitable support (1), carrying on a not-for-profit, general interest activity, and not run for the benefit of a limited group of people: not-for-profit or general interest associations, federations or networks of associations, foundations and endowment funds, communities, public bodies or public authority organisations

- Operate in France

- Provide evidence that the organisation has existed for at least two years

- Identify at least 30 project beneficiaries

- Establish philanthropic beauty as a discipline for improving well-being

- Set out plans to provide free sessions delivered by a CODES-qualified beauty therapist, hairdressing, image coaching or any other activity linked to helping vulnerable groups access beauty and relaxation.

(1) In accordance with the provisions of articles 200 and 238 bis of the French General Tax Code

The following are not eligible:

- Individual projects

- Organisations whose purpose is of a political or denominational nature

- Projects which are for profit, promotional purposes or publicity

Criteria for evaluating applications for the French call for projects:

Project relevance

The project tackles an issue that has been clearly identified by the organisation by means of an assessment of what is needed and the measures already in place. It meets the objective of the L’Oréal Foundation’s Beauty For a Better Life call for projects, namely to develop beauty cares and wellness treatments for vulnerable individuals.

Project quality

The project has a response strategy. It is well structured and sets out objectives. It demonstrates the appropriateness of the resources used to implement the project. The project owners will need to provide a breakdown of the overall project budget (salaries, equipment, etc.).

Project sustainability

The project should have a long-term perspective and demonstrate a desire, an ability and the necessary experience to put philanthropic beauty activities in place to support vulnerable individuals. Its feasibility and development potential must also be demonstrated.

Where the project benefits from its own funding or joint public or private funding, this may be considered a measure of its sustainability.

Evaluation of the benefits to the beneficiaries

The project must be subject to a monitoring and evaluation process for the purposes of disseminating and applying learnings. The beneficiaries are clearly identified. The project must address their needs directly and tangibly, thereby demonstrating a social impact.


The project owner must demonstrate the necessary experience, skills and ability to lead, manage and develop the project, but evidence must also be provided of the whole team’s motivation to start or develop the project.


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