Beauty For a Better Life 11 beauty care and well-being treatment projects sponsored by the L'Oréal Foundation

On June 15th, the L‘Oréal Foundation organized the 7th edition of the Prix Première Chance (“First Chance” Award) in partnership with CODES. This year, the jury was given the task of selecting 10 winners, however, exceptionally, 11 organizations were honored. Each winner received a €20,000 grant to enable them to establish a beauty care and well-being treatment service in their structure, to be dispensed by a trained CODES professional to persons vulnerable due to illness or social or economic instability

For several years the L'Oréal Foundation has been active in the development of beauty care and well-being treatments for the medical and social fields by specially trained experts.

Since 2009, the annual Première Chance Award allows medical and social structures in France to permanently implement these treatments, which are provided by trained professionals who have graduated from CODES. To date, more than 32 organizations have been able to develop this activity and incorporate it into their teams, and thus offer care to more than 3000 women.

This year the L'Oréal Foundation is increasing its commitment and doubling the number of organizations receiving aid. From the 69 applications that were filed, 10 projects were chosen to be honored by the jury. Exceptionally, an 11th project received a Special Jury Award.


- L’Espace Aquarelle

Located within the gastroenterology-pancreatology ward of the Beaujon Hospital, l’Espace Aquarelle offers activities to enhance the well-being of patients through cultural activities and beauty care.

- Coallia Association

This association works in partnership with the CADA (Reception Center for Asylum Seekers) of Nanterre to take care of asylum seekers and offer various activities to guide them towards reinsertion.

- The Eglantine Hostel

Run by the CASP (Protestant Social Hostel),the Englantine Hostel houses pregnant women and women with children and helps them to reintegrate into society.

- The Dessine-Moi un Mouton Association (The “Draw me a Sheep” Association)

This association welcomes, outside the hospital, adolescents and young adults suffering from an infectious chronic pathology and helps them to improve their quality of life and the image that they have of their body and themselves.

- The Hors la Rue association

Hors la Rue looks after children and adolescents who are in danger or in runaway situations and accompanies them on an intermittent or longer term basis through a day care center.

- Association for the prevention of nutritional illnesses

Located in the diabetology-nutrition ward of the Roubaix hospital, this association offers multi-disciplinary treatment of obesity, notably with a psycho-corporeal approach to work on self-esteem and accepting one's body.


Emmaus Peupins helps its members and employees regain a foothold in society and find employment via an insertion site and a second-hand clothes market.

- Nice University Hospital

The digestive and gynecological cancerology ward wants to develop a program for the well-being of the hospital patients.

- The Bordeaux Diaconate Association

This association helps persons in socially or economically instable situations with its reception service, housing solutions, and social reinsertion centers.

- The Draguignan Hospital CSAPA addiction and prevention center

The center accompanies persons suffering from addictions (alcohol, gambling, ...) and helps them find a more peaceful relationship with their body.

- The Risle Hospital Center

The Risle Hospital Center welcomes and treats people that are particularly vulnerable in an underprivileged region in its palliative care unit as part of the PASS service (precarious public) and the addictology service.


Composed of 6 members, the jury was joined by the Director General of the Foundation and the President of CODES.

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