Women & Science Chair

We are supporting innovative researches to shine a light on the impact of the low representation of women in science and identify solutions.

Research projects 2021

Do Women Overprepare? An Experimental Analysis.
Christiane Schwieren, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Alfred Weber Institute of Economics (AWI), University of Heidelberg (UHD), Germany



  • Creating a dedicated Chair of research

    The Fondation L’Oréal is supporting the Paris Dauphine – PSL University’s "La Chaire Femmes et Science" (The Women and Science Chair) to develop and share research on the contribution of women and girls in science. Founded in 2019 in partnership with France’s Institut des Politiques Publiques, and with philanthropic partners including the Fondation L’Oréal, the Chair aims to boost national and international knowledge on gendered science and the importance of empowering women scientists.

    It is creating international, multi-disciplinary partnerships to address these issues, harnessing disciplines including Economy, decision-making theory, Mathematical modelling, Sociology, management theory and social Psychology. It will also contribute actively to public policy discussions.




  • Advancing knowledge on gender equality

    Each year, the Chair selects research projects to benefit from research scholarships. In 2019, some 44 international scientific teams responded to the Chair’s first call for collaboration. The first five projects included topics such as the extent to which gender influences confidence in scientific experts, how to fight against gender inequality and an analysis of women’s contribution to science and innovation.

    For the Fondation L’Oréal, supporting the Women and Science Chair is vital to our efforts to advance knowledge on gender equality and identify new pathways for progress. Expanding conversations on these topics will not only improve the quality of scientific research, it will also help to ensure that science becomes more inclusive and sustainable, delivering equal benefits for all.