Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents

Every year, the Sub-Saharan African Young Talents program, spanning the 47 Sub-Saharan African countries, awards 20 talented women scientists at PhD and post-doctoral levels. Discover the 2020 Sub-Saharan African Young Talents.

  • Faouziath SANOUS, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Faouziath SANOUSSI

    Post-doctorate, Agricultural Sciences.

    Project title: Developing a new millet-based product with high nutritional value with baobab fruit pulp and moringa leaf powder to enhance the value of Benin’s food crops and contribute to the fight against malnutrition in Africa.

  • Latoya SEOKE, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Latoya SEOKE

    PhD student, Biological Sciences.

    Project title: The development of diagnostic tools to detect the foot-and-mouth disease virus.

  • Tsaone TAMUHLA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Tsaone TAMUHLA

    PhD student, Computer and Information Science.

    Project title: Clinical and genetic data to better understand the emerging pandemic of type 2 diabetes in Africa. 

  • Agnes NATOUMBA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Agnès NTOUMBA

    PhD student, Biological Sciences.

    Project title: The development of bio-insecticides against a species of larvae (Anopheles gambiae), using nanoparticles from plants endemic to Cameroon. 

  • Haifaou YOUNOUSSA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Haifaou YOUNOUSSA

    PhD student, Medicine.

    Project title: The identification of chromosomal and molecular abnormalities associated with disorders of sex development during the prenatal and postnatal period in Senegal. 

  •  Dominique Fatima VOUMBO MATOUMONA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Dominique Fatima VOUMBO MATOUMONA

    Post-doctorate, Health Sciences.

    Project title: Malaria and the resistance of the parasites that cause this disease (Plasmodium falciparum) to existing antimalarial treatments.

  •  Nadege TATY MAKUNTIMA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Congo - Kinshasa

    PhD student, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

    Project title: To diagnose health zone vulnerabilities and better understand the governance of infectious disease epidemics such as cholera, Ebola or Covid-19, in resource-scarce countries.




  • Martha NEGASSA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Martha NEGASSA

    PhD student, Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

    Project title: Mapping the spatial and temporal dynamics of organic carbon from soil and water in the arid areas of eastern Ethiopia, for more appropriate management of soil and water resources. 

  • Esther Eyram ASARE YEBOAH, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Esther Eyram ASARE YEBOAH

    PhD student, Biological Sciences. 

    Project title: Molecular characterization of multi-drug resistant (MDR) Gram-negative bacterial pathogens from hospital environments, patients and staff in a teaching hospital in Ghana.

  • Tsarasoa Malala ANDRIANINARIVOMANANA, Africa Young Talent 2020

    PhD student, Biological Sciences. 

    Project title: The study of Anopheles coustani, a mosquito species suspected of transmitting malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Zara RANDRIAMANAKOTO, Africa Young Talent 2020

    Post-doctorate, Physics. 

    Project title: The star clusters within galaxies and the influence of their environment.


  • Halima TWABI, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Halima TWABI

    PhD student, Mathematics. 

    Project title: Statistical methods to provide better insight into the consequences of maternal HIV on the development of a pregnancy and then on the future child (stunting, wasting, among others...).

  • Devina LOBINE, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Devina LOBINE

    Post-doctorate, Basic Medicine. 

    Project title: The molecular, pharmacological and neuroprotective properties of medicinal plants as therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Adekemi ADESULU,Africa Young Talent 2020
    Adekemi ADESULU

    Post-doctorate, Biological Sciences. 

    Project title: Analyzing the microbial composition of raw milk and traditional dairy products in Nigeria to help ensure the safety and quality of African fermented foods.

  • Ibukunoluwa OLAJIDE, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Ibukunoluwa OLAJIDE

    PhD student, Electrical Engineering and  Information Engineering. 

    Project title: To develop an optical communication model capable of reacting to the specific climatic conditions of tropical areas, using predictive algorithms. 

  • Valentine DUSHIMIYIMANA, Africa Young Talent 2020

    PhD student, Health Sciences. 

    Project title: A better preventive management of cardiovascular diseases in HIV patients in Rwanda using predictive tool. 

  • Doaa ALI, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Doaa ALI

    PhD student, Chemistry. 

    Project title: The development of new cancer treatments using a groundbreaking synthetic methodology based on garlic-like compounds (organotrisuldes), which are able to fight cancer cells.

  • Maha DAHAWI, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Maha DAHAWI

    PhD student, Biological Sciences.

    Project title: The identification of genes responsible for genetic generalized epilepsies (GGEs) among consanguineous Sudanese families.


  • Neema MDUMA, Africa Young Talent 2020
    Neema MDUMA

    PhD student, Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering. 

    Project title: Addressing the issue of student dropout in secondary schools in Tanzania, using a machine learning model. 


  • Hannah SIMBA
    Hannah SIMBA

    PhD student, Health Sciences. 

    Project title: The role of genetic and environmental factors on esophageal cancer.