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Since Beauty contributes to feeling better and living better, the L’Oréal Foundation develops programs to help women in difficult situations to regain their dignity, humanity and femininity and to help them reintegrate into society.

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The Beauty For a Better Life programme places beauty at the heart of rebuilding identities.

The work of the L’Oréal Foundation is based on the conviction that beauty can help those who are vulnerable or who are struggling through difficult experiences to feel better and live better. This is why the L'Oréal Foundation has chosen to support those to whom life has dealt a rough hand, by helping them rediscover their fighting spirit and self-esteem through the provision of beauty therapists who have been specially trained to work in medical and social settings. In 2017, we supported more than 15,000 people in this way.

Beauty For a Better Life also encompasses an international programme of free, high-quality training for careers in beauty, for people who find themselves in difficulty. The programme has already been established in more than thirty countries, enabling 4,000 people a year to benefit from its training opportunities and reintegrate themselves into society.

Beauty and well-being treatments in a medical and social setting


The L'Oréal Corporate Foundation is convinced more than ever of the fundamental role of beauty and well-being treatments to accompany the road to recovery and rehabilitation. For this reason, it promotes beauty and well-being treatments in medical and social settings, carried out by socio-aesthetic therapists.

“The socio-aesthetic therapist carries out beauty treatments to members of the public who have been suffering and made fragile by an assault on their physical integrity (illness, accident, old age, etc.), their psychological integrity or are in a situation of social distress (unemployment, in prison, etc.).” Definition by CODES (Course for beauty with humanitarian and social option)

The socio-aesthetic therapist has a dual competence: recognised professional expertise in the area of cosmetics, combined with specific skills developed via a complementary training course to help them learn, for example, to work in a hospital or social structure, to manage the patient relationship, to understand the effects of illnesses and treatments, etc. They offer individual treatments and also lead group workshops.

On the road to healing

For those with an illness such as cancer, these treatments are an opportunity to discuss and get specialised advice on how to cope with many physical discomforts that can be a result of treatments: alopecia, change in nails, redness, skin dryness. Faced with the shift to ambulatory care for cancer, in February 2016, thanks to support from the L'Oréal Corporate Foundation, the Association Rose opened the first Maison Rose in Bordeaux, a place for women undergoing treatment or who have finished treatment, to go to carry out activities and get advice, in particular in the area of beauty.

Other medical domains also benefit from beauty and well-being treatments, in particular child and adolescent psychiatry, where the socio-aesthetic therapist is an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team, helping the young patients to reinvest in their body image.

In different medical departments, the work of the socio-aesthetic therapist also allows patients to learn again how to take care of themselves and strengthen their trust in the care team: the person, beyond the patient, is given care.

On the road to reintegration

The L'Oréal Corporate Foundation also promotes the advantages of beauty and well-being treatments in social structures.

In fact, for people who are socially fragile, beauty and well-being treatment workshops, hairdressing sessions and image advice sessions are, in the majority of cases, the trigger for a process that begins with reconciliation with one’s body and leads to a very concrete reintegration process.

This process is long and follows vital stages: working on body image, which allows access to better self-esteem, and thus a confidence that gives the recipient the energy to move towards inclusion.

Beauty For a Better Life call for projects

To enable more organisations to witness the benefits of beauty cares and wellness treatments, the L’Oréal Foundation is launching its Beauty for a Better Life call for projects, which is open to organisations working in medical or social settings who want to start or develop a philanthropic beauty project: hairdressing, make-up, image coaching, etc.

High-quality, free vocational training in the beauty sector



High-quality, tuition-free training

The L’Oréal Foundation provides free expert training to adults and young people aged fifteen and over, drawing on areas of expertise for which the L’Oréal group is famous, such as hair care and makeup.

Among those who benefit from the program are women in vulnerable social or economic situations, young people experiencing family problems or difficulties at school, or are victims of conflict and violence.

Countries where just being born a woman can be a real handicap and girls remain excluded from school facilities are also targets for the training program. With little education, these girls have many difficulties in finding a job and in building their future.

Program objectives: to give these groups the motivation, self-respect and the means for their professional reintegration through quality education provided by professionals, sustainable support tailored to each student, and a diploma developed in collaboration with local authorities.

An international dimension

The Beauty For a Better Life training program is the result of a strong partnership in more than 20 countries between the L'Oréal Foundation, the group's subsidiaries, local stakeholders such as NGOs, and government authorities.

In France, the L'Oréal Foundation works closely with the Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation. Internationally, China, Indonesia, Lebanon, Vietnam, Cambodia, Colombia and even Argentina are among the twenty founding countries where the program has been developed.

Today, the program nurtures the ambition to offer new prospects for more and more women in situations of social and economic instability by training them for careers in the beauty sector - jobs that promote social and interpersonal skills, as well as the individual’s creativity and artistic ambition.

20,000 beneficiaries will have the opportunity to access work by 2020.

Opération Sourire

Bringing a smile back

Fondation L'Oréal supports reconstructive surgery as part of operation smile in partnership with médecins du monde.

For 25 years, around one hundred medical personnel have gone to operate on people, children in particular, suffering from congenital conditions or acquired illnesses, in their own communities.

Beyond the surgical act, this helps with the social reintegration of those patients, living within their communities.

Teams from the four Médecins du Monde organisations (France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands) carry out reconstructive surgery in Asia and Africa.

Their work is guided by two main objectives:

the completion of surgical procedures in close collaboration with local partners and the training of local medical personnel.

25 years after the first mission, Operation Smile remains a unique human experience for reconstructive surgery in emerging countries.

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