Beauty For a Better Life Beauty, an emancipating business in India

Sad record. According to Gender Diversity Benchmark's latest study from 2011, India ranks the lowest in the world in terms of workingwomen. In a country submerged in conservatism, education remains the prerogative of men. The young girls have no other purpose than to marry young and keep their homes. What happens to them, or to Preeti to name just one, when they find themselves alone in their village after being abandoned by their husband after 8 years in wedlock?

Baring in mind their vulnerability, L'Oréal launched its Beauty for a Better Life training program in India in 2009. Luckily, beauty and sewing jobs are an exception. Women are allowed to work in both industries. Fortunately, hair care and make-up markets are exploding with a 20% growth per annum. The over one thousand students trained each year in all 12 hair and makeup schools, created by the L'Oréal’s Foundation in partnership with the NGO LabourNet, tend to immediately find a job. Some open their own home salon. Others open their own Beauty Parlour, these tiny popular shops that abound in every street corner. Last, but not least, some find a job in high-end salons located in large cities.

Meanwhile, Preeti first specialized as a freelance makeup artist for brides. She has since joined, as a trainer, the Pune center from which she graduated, one of L'Oreal's schools located southeast of Mumbai. She is so proud to be able to pay her apartment's rent and take care of herself!

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