Beauty For a Better Life 9th edition of the "Première Chance" Award

Beauty and Well-being care for the most vulnerable

The “Première Chance” award is a call for projects from the L'Oréal Foundation to help medical and social organization to set up beauty and well-being treatments in their structure provided by specifically trained aestheticians.

The award was born out of the belief that beauty and well-being care contributes to restoring the self-esteem and dignity of those who suffer physically, psychologically or socially.

The award ceremony took place on 27th June, and for this 9th edition, 15 organizations were rewarded among 85 submissions. The 15 winners will share 200,000 euros to meet the specific needs of their organization.

  • The Association Douce Heure, which deals with patients of the CHRU of Montpellier, in particular with children and adolescents hospitalized in pediatric surgery, received €10,000.
  • The Association Epilog, which supports the palliative care unit of the Rives de Seine Hospital in Puteaux, received €12,000.
  • The Centre Maternel Michelet, which provides refuge to pregnant women and/or children in socially precarious situations in Paris, received €8,000.
  • Val Rosay, a rehabilitation centre in St Didier au Mont D'Or, received €18,000.
  • The pneumology department of the Louis Pradel Hospital of the Hospices Civils of Lyon received €18,000.
  • The hemodialysis center in Val d'Ariège in Saint Jean de Verges received €11,000.
  • The Association Ilot Femmes, which provides refuge to women who are victims of violence or prostitution in Périgueux, received €8,000.
  • The Association AVEMA, which offers assistance to victims of criminal offenses and collective disasters in Bourg-en-Bresse, received €16,000.
  • The establishment and support service of Travail Saint Exupéry, which gives access to a social and professional life to people with disabilities in Colomiers, received €12,000.
  • The Association Le Refuge, which offers temporary accommodation and global support to young people in a situation of family breakdown linked to their homosexuality in Paris and Lyon, received €15,000.
  • The Rothschild Ophthalmological Foundation's Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain, which treats patients suffering from chronic pain in Paris, received €15,000.
  • The medical resuscitation department of Hôpital Henri Mondor in Créteil received €20,000.
  • The Centre Hospitalier Rives de Seine, which offers medical and psychological care for teenagers with mental illness in Neuilly Sur Seine, received €17,000.
  • The André Bousquairol Medico-Educational Institute, which welcomes children and adolescents with multiple disabilities and children with intellectual disabilities in Villeneuve-Tolosane, received €10,000.
  • The Association ESPOIRE, which accompanies women with endometriosis at the Hôpital Cochin in Paris, received €10,000.

As a reminder, in 2016, the L'Oréal Foundation gave 10 organizations a reward, and nearly 1,000 people can benefit from around 2,300 beauty and well-being treatments throughout France.

The L'Oréal Foundation and CODES, a partner of the “Première Chance” award wish a long life to these beautiful projects.

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